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Robots & AI set more in motion than technology alone. An AI that writes an article using training data derived from the work of others. Isn't that an infringement of copyright? Or what about an algorithm that acts as a judge and forecasts the risk of a suspect re-offending; who is accountable for that? Such situations raise the question of how to responsibly integrate these applications into our society.

Do we opt for a repressive policy and let incidents guide us, or should we take a proactive approach and create frameworks in advance?

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As the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics is both exciting and worrying, solutions will only be viable if concerns can be addressed or adequately managed. This requires policymakers to have the necessary knowledge to take the right steps at the right time. And that is where Robot Age could make a difference. Robot Age researches and advises at the intersection of science, law and ethics.

Robot Age is also a member of the European AI Alliance, which addresses all aspects of the development of artificial intelligence and its consequences.


Een interview with Dutch journalist Rick Moeliker of the Nederlands Dagblad.

The book 'Robot-is-me?' (Uitgeverij Paris) was also featured in FD's Futures.

The independent NBD Biblion Review of the book 'Robot-is-me?'

Robots & AI set more in motion than technology alone.

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In Ireland, where Big Tech is based, the Irish DPC acknowledges that it does not decide about 99.93% of GDPR complaints. This renders the GDPR useless. Robot Age neither tracks nor collects data, unless you use the contact form to get in touch.